Hi, i'm Jerome COUBRONNE, a
26 years old french-based back-end developer.

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I graduated from the 3W Academy in early 2017.

I have a diverse set of skills, ranging from HTML/CSS, all
the way to PHP, SQL and JQuery.

I'm passionate about what i do and i always give 100%.

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Dedicated to learning new development technologies, my next goal
is to learn Symfony, as i plan to expand my back-end knowledge.

Here is some of my works :


Dragon Slayer : Demo

Small JavaScript game, mostly based around the mathRandom function. Different difficulty levels & equipment at choice.


Cup Of Tea : Demo

Ecommerce website for a Tea shop. Flexbox has been used to build the html layout of the website.


MadeInAmerica Restaurant : Demo

Ecommerce Website for a restaurant. This project has been build with a framework created for the use of the 3W Academy only.

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